our main products are longtitudinally welded pipes and tubes made from prime quality Stainless steel strip.  Material which are part of the production line, will be examined by our qualify “QC” Department.  therefore, only inspected tubes and pipes will be delivered to customer’s warehouse.
     Stainless steels stuctures are largely maintenance free. Earlier, when building designers, architect and engineers are at the building material selecting stage. The  important factor is material cost investment. Fews pays attention to the cost of maintenance. Nowaday,this factor is rapidly changing among today’s more enlightened architects,designers,building engineers, and also project owner.
     For example; painted carbon steel structures surely need to be repainted times to times.
     On industral applications, the main concern is a corrosin, labour costs, air pollution. Investor are now looking for the highest-possible utilization and lowest achievable maintenance costs.
     The solution for all this is “Stainless Steel”.  Demand of stainless steel use has been recognizably increase for the past few decade. This confirm that Stainless Stell has become the   “ Truly cost-effective longterm investment”

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